After spending 25 years with Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) External link opens in new tab or, where he held executive positions with Lending, Venture Capital, and Consulting Divisions, John retired as a Senior Vice President. He developed expertise in all facets of business banking, venture capital, training, and business consulting. As a senior executive with BDC, he maintained positions with overall responsibility for a several billion-dollar Canadian SME loan portfolio, including loan authorizations, management of non-performing loans (NPL), loan problem resolutions including loan workouts and write-offs as necessary. Part of his role at the bank was to assist in the development of policies, and preparation of operating manuals for the bank. BDC has more than 62,000 clients, with $36,5 billion in capital committed through loans, venture capital investments, and advisory services, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.


After leaving BDC, John created ProDel Consultancy, becoming involved with projects for development banks as well as the banking and the SME non-banking sector in more than 30 countries. He has extensive experience with international development organizations, including the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and the Asian Development Bank.


Examples of consulting assignments:


●      SME Access to Formal Financing and Banking Sources: Identified products and services for meeting the needs of SME business growth;


●      Bank SME Lending Policies & Procedures: Subsequent to diagnostics, helped several banks improve their practices by developing policies and operating manuals for their use;


●      Operating Procedures & Governance & Risk Management: Improved operating procedures, risk management, portfolio management, transparency practices, governance structure, marketing, development of new products, and staff development; and,


●      Credit Risk Management: Provided strategy based on best practices of banks that have set up sound M&SME credit risk appraisal and management systems, including product and procedure designs.


In addition, John has led many discussions with decision-makers to put in place innovative financial solutions to improve M&SME access to finance, including capacity building and enabling environments.