Company Information

ProDel Consultancy is a Canadian based international firm delivering consulting services to government agencies, non government agencies and private sector clients throughout the world. Areas of expertise are centred around enterprise development specific to the Small Medium Sized Enterprise sector including developing country strategy for SME support, policy development and formulation, program design/management/evaluation and development banking expertise.

ProDel consultants have extensive development banking experience providing businesses with loans, venture capital, business counseling, management training, and mentoring support. Their diverse experience stems from careers with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) ( which has a $7.8 billion portfolio and delivers more than 6,000 loans, venture capital investments, consulting and training assignments to small businesses each year.

During our careers with BDC we learned many lessons while focusing on identifying gaps in the financing, training and consulting SME marketplace, interacting with SMEs to understand these needs and developing financing, training and counseling programs to address these needs. ProDel Consultancy advises clients in the areas of organizational and program development for development banks, micro credit programs and development service providers to small and medium enterprises.

Current Projects

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Tianjin, China
Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank (TRCB) was formed from the merger of Tianjin Rural Cooperative Bank and nine rural county and district credit cooperatives in 2010. Team leader, working with team of national consultants and TRCB to research best practices, develop a concept and design an implementation plan for establishment of a TRCB Community Bank, operating in both urban and rural areas.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) - Middle and North Africa (MENA) (Bank Alfalah, Pakistan; Bank Muscat, Oman)
Lead Specialist for Non-Financial Advisory Services (NFA) with an IFC team working on Building SME Banking Capacity for banks in the MENA Region. Bank Alfalah, Pakistan adopted strategy, which included offering SMEs Information (SME Toolkit), Training (Seminars) and Advice with the expectation of increasing SMEs ability to repay loans, improve business practices and support business growth. The Business Advice Managers advice role is to facilitate SME client to improve their business performance through providing basic business advice, information, and suggestions. Business Advice Managers will utilize a needs assessment tool, to diagnose business problems and offer advice/suggestions.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) - South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) - SME Market Segmentation Database - Bangladesh
Team Leader and Banking Specialist for SME Market Segmentation Database project in Bangladesh, assisting banks and other financial institutions to define competitive positioning, design profitable SME strategies, financial products and channels for banks to better service SMEís.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) – IFC Regional Distribution
Assisting IFC – Advisory Services in studying the trend in emerging markets for Commercial Banks and other Financial Institutions (FIs) to provide or facilitate SMEs’ access to non-financial services. IFC has developed a unique set of SME information, business tools and training services under its SME Toolkit & Business Edge brands. The study will assess demand, its rationale, identify gaps and grey areas, assist in benchmarking IFC’s offer in this field, highlight the role IFC’s existing tools can play and help IFC design appropriate products and solutions.

Azerbaijan, Benin, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lesotho, Mali, Malawi, Namibia, Nepal, Niger, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Serbia, Togo, Vanuatu, and Zambia – Investment Prospects
Assisting the International Finance Corporation to identify promising prospects for smaller investment in Africa, Europe, Central and South Asia countries. These countries are generally given adequate coverage for larger investment prospects; yet smaller investments often have the greatest difficulty obtaining financial assistance in countries where the financial sector is under-developed. IFC therefore wishes to undertake a special effort to seek such smaller deals in a selected group of countries.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Program Evaluation
Ongoing program evaluation on CIDA's contribution to an e-Learning initiative in the Balkans.


John McNulty – Principal
With BDC 25 Years, retired as Senior Vice President and Area Manager

Annette St-Onge – Director, Women Enterprise Development
With BDC 12 Years, retired as Director, Management Services

Rupert Williams
With BDC 31 Years, retired as Vice President, International Projects

Tom Gallant
With BDC 30 Years, retired as Senior Vice President Operations

Patricia (Kerrigan) Massier
With BDC 23 Years, retired as National Director, T raining and Development

Donald Layne
With BDC 18 Years, retired as Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Simone Desjardins
With BDC 27 Years, retired as Senior Vice President, Operations

Richard Goulet
With BDC 31 Years, retired as Vice President and District Manager

In addition to these resources, ProDel Consultancy has an extensive network of individuals with executive, managerial and operational experience in SME banking, consulting, training and mentoring. Please contact us. TOP