Consultant Bios

John McNulty – Principal
With BDC 25 Years, retired as Senior Vice President and Area Manager
Mr. McNulty has held numerous management and senior executive level positions, developing expertise in business banking, venture capital, training, and business consulting. With international agencies, he has undertaken numerous projects which have emphasis on the development of banks and small businesses. His strengths include: strategic vision, product and business development, leadership and motivation, interpersonal skills, the ability to initiate and manage change, and, preparation of financial and operational assessments to determine businesses credit worthiness and financing capacity. TOP

Annette St-Onge – Director, Women's Enterprise Development
With BDC 12 Years, retired as Director, Management Services
Ms. St-Onge is our Team Leader in areas of in country assessments of the enabling environment for women entrepreneurs, international donor program evaluation, training and business consulting and entrepreneurship curriculum development. She has undertaken various international assignments in transitional economies where she conducted research and tailored recommended actions to enhance the small business environment. She is a board director and chairperson of the Women in Business Committee of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB). Ms. St-Onge is bilingual. TOP

Rupert Williams
With BDC 31 Years, retired as Vice President, International Projects
Mr. Williams has held regional executive and operational management positions, as well as senior head office executive positions with national responsibilities for SME business banking, strategic planning, training, business consulting, and human resource management and development. He has successfully undertaken several long term international projects as project leader, relating to the development of banking institutions and small/medium business, and has acted as an advisor to CIDA, the Romanian Loan Guarantee Fund, and Canadian Business Development Centres. TOP

Tom Gallant
With BDC 30 Years, retired as Senior Vice President Operations
Mr. Gallant has held regional executive and operational management positions across Canada, developing expertise in branch operations, people management and teamwork to achieve targeted results and attain long term growth. He also developed expertise in the credit function and was a key player in implementation of regional and national growth strategies to increase market share. His strengths include: interpersonal skills, leadership and motivation, teamwork practices, business development and implementation strategies, business credit granting and processing. Mr. Gallant is bilingual. TOP

Patricia (Kerrigan) Massier
With BDC 23 Years, retired as National Director, Training and Development
Ms. (Kerrigan) Massier is a training professional with over 25 years experience in design, development and delivery of Commercial Lending Risk Management courses, and over 25 years of commercial lending experience across Canada. Her strengths include: clear written and spoken communication, leadership, organization, and, the ability to identify the need for change and implement it. TOP

Donald Layne - Consultant, Small Business Finance & Communications
With BDC 18 Years, retired as Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Mr. Layne is an executive with expertise in economic development especially as it relates to small and medium-size enterprise (SME) development. Mr. Layne is primarily a strategic thinker, an initiator and creative designer of solutions for managing and financing SMEs. During his career with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), he was responsible for designing many of the plans and initiatives that turned the Bank to an innovative and profitable corporation. Mr. Layne is a superior manager, communicator and negotiator. He was the senior BDC representative before the Canadian Parliament as well as in many national and international forums. He has also worked directly with SMEs, assisting them in expansion and turnaround strategies.

Simone M. A. Desjardins - Banking and Small Business Specialist
With BDC, 27 years, retired as Senior Vice-President, Operations
Ms. Desjardins has held regional executive and operational positions, as well as senior head office executive positions with national responsibilities for SME business banking, strategic planning, training and human resources management and development. She initiated and successfully implemented several regional and national growth strategies to increase market share. She has been involved in the Global Summit of Women, an annual international forum for women, for the past 15 years, leading delegations of Canadian women entrepreneurs to assist them in penetrating foreign markets. Her strengths include strategic thinking and management, business development, dynamic leadership and motivation, interpersonal skills and ability to initiate and successfully manage change as well as developing and implementing effective growth strategies. Ms. Desjardins is fluently bilingual (French and English). TOP

Richard Goulet
With BDC 31 Years, retired as Vice President and District Manager
Mr. Goulet has held numerous management positions at Branch, Regional and National levels, and has focused in SME lending, counseling and training. Primarily known for his mentoring abilities he provided guidance to new managers or those in distress. An innovator, he was often called upon to lead new initiatives and create structure for these new efforts. Currently, Mr. Goulet manages three small business pool funds (blocks of funds derived from private and public strategic partnerships from which small business loans are made) for the Community Futures Development Corporations of British Columbia. TOP

In addition to these resources, ProDel Consultancy has an extensive network of individuals with executive, managerial and operational experience in SME banking, consulting, training and mentoring. If you would like to be included on our consulting roster, please contact us. TOP

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